Shawn and U

You and me together, we can do

Introduction of Me

Hi, I am Shawn wang, I came from China, and I am studying in advertising design management like you guys. My first degree is Digital Media Art. When I finished that, I worked in a small broadcast company for just half a year.

  My English name is coming from a British movie: Shaun of the dead. It is interesting that most part of the movie happened in Winchester, and I am studying in Winchester now.

  I am a big movie fan, and to be a director is my first dream. Because when you making a movie, you will cooperate with a lot of people, and I really like team work! You also can express you own opinion by the movie, and when you finish a movie, it can make you feel successful. More importantly, it can make you rich and famous, and you can meet a lot of beautiful actresses! LOL!

  Because of the dream to be a director, I have a lot of hobbies, such as watching movie, photography, listening music and writing short story (in Chinese of course).

  After some study, I realize that to be a director is not an easy job, because you need more knowledge and rich and colorful experience, more importantly, a good chance. So I just put the dream in my pocket ,hold it then continue studying.

  Why I study in advertising? Maybe because of I love media industry, and I believe media will change the world. Another reason is I love beautiful things, and I want express it to others, whatever flower, picture or women. But the biggest reason is I am curious about people, especially in consumer psychology, like why people make bad decision or struggling in shopping. I think maybe advertising will give me the answer, and to be an advertising director is a good choice too.

  So, I am here.

  I always tell myself, no matter what you are doing, not too ambitious, one target is enough. It will make me less disappointed and more focus on the subject. In this year, I just want to have a good memory. So, thanks first, because I will join your story of life!