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Lesbian Wedding

Friends always say something i want to say.

This year in UK is my lesbian wedding. If u get me….image

And i really enjoy it!

Love u guys!

Following the feedback from our focus group, we have changed certain detail of our first draft. This is the final version of our Mcdonald’s project. 

Mcdonald’s Team Members:

ShuaiWang ; QiQi; LishaYao; YuanZhang; MiouSong; HoujunWang; HenaTabassum; YuanyiZhao; QinZhang.


The Team3 was given a task of creating a storyboard commercial of MacDonald from the perspective of not a product, but the brand itself.


As is generally known, the normal Macdonald ads usually present audiences its new burgers and Happy Meals with designed cartoon characters or free toys attached; which explains the difficulty of this project as the commercial had to be brand image–oriented. In this case, since the main idea is hard to pull out based on its products, the team decides to utilize MacDonald’s service concept which is “Making Every Customer Feels at Home” to lead audiences experience the family warmth the MacDonald can provide.


The story happens between a boy named Jimmy and his father, who both happen to take bites on the MacDonald burger which is supposed to be Christmas Eve snack for Santa Claus. The two bites from Jimmy and the father has accidentally shaped out of a capitalized letter “M” symbolizing the MacDonald’s brand logo. 


Now please enjoy the final storyboard commercial from MacDonald “Here Comes Santa”.


Focus group report:



•       a. mediator: Shawn; recorder: Amy, Bay, Doug

•       b. Sample: convenient ;

•       C. Major: 2 BA students, 1 Fashion management student, 3 design management students, age: 20-25, gender: 3male,3 female Nationality: 2 british, 1 Malaysia, 1 Chinese, 1 Nigeria

•       d. Question: 12 questions.



•       a. If Mc is a person, how old is he or she?     What characters do he or she has?

•       b. Is the story easy to understand?

•       c. If is a brand campaign for Mcdonald, what they should do?

•       d. Music, color.

•       e. Do you like this Christmas ads? Who will?



•       a. they don’t like the brand or at least don’t have strong feeling about the brand.

•       b. The story was not easy to understand.

•       c. They prefer products campaign, moreover, If there is a brand campaign, it need in the store, have childrenor celebrities, and faster, not in the house.

•       d. They like the music, and said that is on a right way, color should be white, Red, Mcdonald color.

•       e. It is giving them feelings about the Christmas.

•       f. They don’t eat Mcdonald in Christmas.

Learning outcomes from conductors aspect:

•       a. As a Mediator: Attitude is very important , should be as professional as you can, even your gesture and eye contact is very important.

•       b. As a Recorder: giving name card for every participates is a very efficient idea in focus group ,it will make recording faster and accurate.

Learning outcomes in sampling aspect:

•       a. Age and education level is very important for sampling, it  determined what answer they will  given.

•       b. Gender and what you using during the focus group will determined the attitude of each participates, if the gender is not balance or the language is not their first language, participates will nervous and silent.




It’s a outstanding commercial which winning Cannes Lions Gold advertising awards in 2009, from sagami, a extraordinary condom advertising!

Not just the video, but the whole campaign is very interesting either! The couple in the video is real japan couple, they are in a long-distance relationship 2.5 years. They be picked by sagami and they both should running 500km to embracing each other. But the whole campaign is a complete live-show every one on internet login the website can watch it.image

But the website not just have a live-show, every day they will ask u a privacy sexually question. However, when u login as a male, u can see the answer by boy only, vice versa.When the whole campaign is finish that means the couple embracing each other, u can see the answer from both gender.

The media they used is very efficiency, because in east-asian country, u hardly put condom commercial on TV, and they made the internet commercial more interesting, because they cut-off the freedom of internet.

Hope u guys enjoy it!


Inside John Lewis

 ‘Inside John Lewis’ is talking about they are constructing a new store in the summer of 2009, and they cooperative with Adam & Eve, which is not a big advertising network, they want to creative a successful campaign in Christmas.

I am personally really interesting about the relationship between the economic environment and the TV commercial producing.

Generally, the element of the video is not relevant to social problem, but in this video, we can see all the stuff in the commercial is thinking about recession. I think that is the different from commercial and the Movie.

Because of recession, this year’s Christmas present is more important than other years, in some level, it is a good thing for all the retails. And the John Lewis is catching this opportunity. They want to give all the consumers that the feeling they only had in childhood, like the smiling is through all the advertising, and the soft light and the slow scene. Moreover, we all can see that they have some problem with music choosing, and in the end, they chosen a soft and warm music, which try to give people the feeling of family.

Finally, I think it is a really good commercial!


Light and Women

I love beautiful things, and i think the most beautiful thing in our universe is human being.


Dream Travellers

It is a long time i don’t post any thing on this blog, because there is no internet yet in our house, i really want to say some dirty words to british broadband company, u guys can think about it by u self….

The following picture is a serious of picture talking about man and the environment where they’re living, naming Dream Travellers, by Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison.

The reason of i post a lot of picture on the blog is i realize that describing some feeli in english is so hard to me, so, just enjoy the picture. ^_^


Introduction of Me

Hi, I am Shawn wang, I came from China, and I am studying in advertising design management like you guys. My first degree is Digital Media Art. When I finished that, I worked in a small broadcast company for just half a year.

  My English name is coming from a British movie: Shaun of the dead. It is interesting that most part of the movie happened in Winchester, and I am studying in Winchester now.

  I am a big movie fan, and to be a director is my first dream. Because when you making a movie, you will cooperate with a lot of people, and I really like team work! You also can express you own opinion by the movie, and when you finish a movie, it can make you feel successful. More importantly, it can make you rich and famous, and you can meet a lot of beautiful actresses! LOL!

  Because of the dream to be a director, I have a lot of hobbies, such as watching movie, photography, listening music and writing short story (in Chinese of course).

  After some study, I realize that to be a director is not an easy job, because you need more knowledge and rich and colorful experience, more importantly, a good chance. So I just put the dream in my pocket ,hold it then continue studying.

  Why I study in advertising? Maybe because of I love media industry, and I believe media will change the world. Another reason is I love beautiful things, and I want express it to others, whatever flower, picture or women. But the biggest reason is I am curious about people, especially in consumer psychology, like why people make bad decision or struggling in shopping. I think maybe advertising will give me the answer, and to be an advertising director is a good choice too.

  So, I am here.

  I always tell myself, no matter what you are doing, not too ambitious, one target is enough. It will make me less disappointed and more focus on the subject. In this year, I just want to have a good memory. So, thanks first, because I will join your story of life!